Top 10 Things to look for in a New Boiler

These are some of our suggestions at Pay As You Glow for looking at a new boiler (we like to think we know a thing or two!), have a look, and feel free to get in contact.

1. What type of boiler do you need?  Worcester Bosch Combi boilers come in a range of power outputs from 25kw power for 2 bed properties to the big 40kw units for 4-5 bed 2 bathroom properties

2. Where shall my new boiler go ? We usually install the boiler where the old one is but if you want the location changed its no problem

3. Look how gas efficient the new boiler is. Worcester Bosch boilers are A rated 90% efficient the “Which” magazines recommended product of 2015

4. What type of parts an labour guarantee will you get with the boiler? We give a 7 year parts and labour warranty on the new boiler and 10 years on the heat exchanger along with  one year guarantee on the installation work

5. Do you want the boiler to fit in a kitchen cupboard? Worcester Bosch compact boilers can be hidden in standard size wall units to give your kitchen a nice aesthetic look

6. Has the company fitting the new boiler got a good background ? Look for office addresses and reviews online to back this up and make a choice to go with a established company
or a one man band and a van who is always rushed of his feet but two or three hundred pound cheaper.

7. How much hot water does our household use ? If you have two bathrooms with showers and baths in then you need at least a 34kw boiler to meet your needs

8. Will a smart thermostat I can use on my smart phone help ? Yes, the nest and hive thermostats have shown the users save 20% on their gas bills as they can customise their usage to fit their busy lives.

9. Will the boiler need regular servicing ? We recommend the engineer who installs your boiler comes back once a year to service it, this keeps the warrant valid and keeps it performing perfectly

10. Will the new boiler make the shower work better ? As combi boilers work off mains pressure they will help with the shower flow depending on what type of shower you have

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